Monday, April 7, 2008

Chocolate Kiss Cafe

While on my way to the National Burger Day Celebration of Chili's in Morato, I passed by Chocolate Kiss Cafe in Roces Avenue.

I asked for their best sellers in the cake department. They recommended the Dayap Chiffon Cake P68/slice, Devil's Food Cake P58/slice and the Kahlua Butter Cake P72/slice

Since I planned on having my dessert in Fleur de Lys, I ordered the dayap chiffon cake & devil's food cake to go.

*** take-out box

The devil's food cake is made of chocolate sponge cake with fudge in between and a meringue-like but soft in texture white icing.

The sponge cake is moist, the fudge icing tasted like ricoa flat tops chocolate, while the white icing has just the right sweetness.

A good cake, especially for chocoholics like me =)

The dayap chiffon cake is made of dayap flavored chiffon cake with custard in between, topped with white icing & drizzled with dayap frosted cream.

The chiffon cake is moist and buttery, the custard is good, the dayap flavor is not too overpowering, while the white icing resembled costa brava's white birthday cake's icing.

A light, refreshing & cheap cake to have, not just once in a while but all the time =)

Happy Eating!

Chocolate Kiss Cafe
91 A. Roces Avenue, Quezon City
Open Mon-Sat, 11am-10pm

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♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

two thumbs up for devil's food cake!!!!! sinfully delish.

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