Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cheesecake Brownies

I still have a lot of opened cake and pastry ingredients at home, and since I don't want to throw it away, just yet, since they're still in good condition, I opted to bake brownies instead.

I chose the cheesecake brownies recipe I got from the net. The recipe called for a brownie mix, a package of cream cheese, egg and granulated sugar.

Since, I don't have any brownie mix, I made one from a fudge brownie recipe that I also got from the net.

Instead of using the entire package of cream cheese I just used half and also used brown sugar instead of granulated. A mistake on my part, since doing so had a different effect on the taste and color of the cheesecake brownies.

The cheesecake brownies were good, dark and fudgy. I only had a problem with the cheesecake top. The egg was overcooked & resembled omelette instead of cheesecake, plus it is darker in color =p

Maybe I should have also used half an egg when I decreased the cream cheese in half. And also used granulated sugar instead of brown (lazy me, I don't want to open yet another package of granulated sugar, since that would mean I should consume it right away. Just like what happened with the big can of condensed milk I opened. I partnered it with almost every breads and pastries possible. At last I'm down down to the last 1/2 cup).

Happy Eating!


Collin Williams said...

Argh! That sounds so good it makes me wish I wasn't eating healthy... I seriously had to stop reading because I wanted sugar so badly.


Sweet Dreams said...

well, you can have it as a treat once in a while =p

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