Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ozeano Restaurant by Tamayo's Catering

Last week my family and I went to Ocean Park in Quirino Manila. And as part of the ocean park experience, we wanted to try the fish spa. But since there's a waiting time of 45 minutes, we chose to spend it having late lunch at the Ozeano Fusion Restaurant.

Before we went inside the resto, the cakes on display outside caught our attention. We bought a piece of Fruit Pastry P50 to try.

Inside, each one of us settled for a different set meal, since the lunch buffet's already closed. In my case, I ordered the Chef's Combination Set D at P200.

It consisted of 1/4 chicken, pasta pomodoro, 2 pieces of won ton and a small slice of cake.

Although the serving was too little for its price and was served a little bit cold, the taste was quite good. Especially the pasta pomodoro and the blueberry cake.

It was said on the menu that it was pasta pomodoro but it looked and tasted like bolognese to me.

We all enjoyed our orders and planned to go back at ocean park just for the food.

On our way out, we bought 2 pieces of the Chocolate Mousse P50/pc and another of the Fruit Pastry P50/pc.

The mousse was good, not too sweet nor rich. The chocolate cake at the bottom though was crumbly and dry. But, overall the cake's good.

The fruit pastry has a custard and fruit filling inside . The pastry has the right sweetness and best when eaten with the filling.

Happy Eating!

Ozeano Fusion Restaurant
Level 2, Manila Ocean Park,
Luneta, Manila

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