Monday, April 7, 2008

A not so normal day in my boring life

After my stint at the chocolate kiss cafe, I also bought a cheesecake from Uno to go.
I come to love their cheesecake more each day. So every time I come by the Morato area, I made sure to buy one.

I then proceeded to Fleur de Lys for my dessert. But while looking at their cakes, I find them too small and expensive. So I decided to just have dessert at chili's after my burger dinner.

While at Chili's, I was told that they ran out of burger patties and that the tentative time of their delivery was at 8pm =(

They weren't able to foresee the number of customers who availed of their P88 burger promotion.

Since it was just 530pm, I decided to kill time at Kozui and spoil myself with my favorite Anmitsu P148.

I can't seem to get enough of it. I have it every week. I make up a lot of reason to go to Morato & have my anmitsu fix.

Around 845pm, I went back to Chili's and were greeted by a jam packed crowd. I quickly signed us (my sister & I) to the waiting list, we were #25.

Fortunately, we were all given bottomless tostada chips and salsa while waiting, or else we will all be dead from hunger.

After 30 minutes or so of waiting, I asked the server if we can have it to go ('coz prior to that we were told that they won't offer the promo to take-out customers). She said yes and after 10 minutes or so took our orders of 2 peppercorn burgers and 1 old-timer ( these two were the only available flavors).

I thought it would only take a couple of minutes for our burgers to arrive, but guessed what, almost everyone on waiting list had their burgers to go too. And now, there's also a waiting list for take-out orders =(

At last after waiting for more than 2 1/2 hours we were given our orders. By that time we were already too tired to eat that we went straight home & slept.

I had my burgers (peppercorn & old-timer) for breakfast and lunch the next day. What a big way to start the day, literally!

The Old-Timer P265 (regular price), is their original burger on a white sesame seed bun, with mustard, shredded lettuce, pickle and onion.

While the Ground Peppercorn Burger P320 (regular price), is crusted with black pepper & spices, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle, topped with awesome blossom strings & bleu cheese dressing on a whole wheat bun.

Both their burgers came with home style fries.

Their burgers were huge, you literally need a big mouth to bite on them. The patties were juicy & thick, grilled to perfection & perfectly seasoned as well.

Personally, I preferred the ground peppercorn over the old-timer for the crunch & the bleu cheese dressing. But, for those who fancies the classic, the old-timer is the way to go.

Happy Eating!

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