Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chocoholics Anonymous

I got a taste of their (Sebastian's) ice cream at Shepherd Staff in Moa. I went there several times to taste their other flavors but always left disappointed. It's either they were sold-out or no delivery. As of present they're not selling there anymore =(

Their ice creams resembled marble slab concoctions of both Cold Rock & Five Cows, but cheaper & better.

Since they offer free taste on all their ice cream flavors, I sampled everything & settled for Chocoholics Anonymous P85/cup.

Chocoholics Anonymous is dark chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chunks. And we're not talking about chips or bits here, but big chunks, nor were it just a piece, but more than 5 chunks on my cup. Lucky me =)

I love dark chocolates as I do white, So I love this ice cream flavor.

The ice cream is fudgy & dark, a death by chocolate, ice cream version.

Happy Eating!

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