Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Reminiscin @ Racks

We (my friend Cehl & I), often ate here & ordered this, during our practicum days in Glorietta.

It has been several years since, and I'm glad Racks is back.

I ordered the Beef Ribs (quarter rack P275), served with baked beans, corn bread, sweet country relish and a choice of side dish (in my case, gravy fries).

Everything was good except for the ribs =(

The ribs in spite being fall-off-the-bone tender, were dry, rubbery and bland. It wasn't what I remembered it to be.

Even after a tremendous amount of their regular sauce on it, it still cannot hide its blandness.

The saving graces on my otherwise bland meal were the baked beans, corn bread and
gravy fries.

The baked beans were different from the canned versions, since they weren't too salty. They were soft and crunchy at the same time and also perfectly seasoned.

The corn bread was a cross between a butter cake and a corn muffin.

The gravy fries are my new favorite from Racks.

Though, their gravy's not as good as KFC's and their fries not flavored (just thick-cut, Belgian fries), I still preferred their gravy fries than the crispy fries of KFC dipped on their gravy.

They were lighter and the combination of flavors were more complementary than KFC's.

Happy Eating!

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