Friday, April 4, 2008

Ruby Minis

I was out with my sister at Trinoma & as part of our weekly restaurant dates, of restos she or I wanted to try, we dined at Ruby Tuesday (her choice, I already dined there once).

Since it's her first time there, I let her order. She doesn't like ribs ( caused by a Tony Roma's experience)& also not in the mood for any meat except burgers. So we had the Ruby Minis with Fresh Garden Bar P390.

*** A heaping serving of different salads made by us

It is 2 mini burgers of USDA choice ground beef, topped with melted American cheese & crisp onion straws, garnished with mayo, mustard, ketchup & crisp pickles. It comes with 5oz of their flavored fries and a single serving from their fresh garden bar.

The bun of the burger has a milky taste, just lightly toasted. The patty is juicy, but as a whole, the burger's a little bit dry. No extra sauce or something.

The fries are like the fries of Potato Corner. Flavored with combinations of cheese & BBQ. Though they're not thick-cut fries, the addition of flavors made it more enjoyable to eat.

Happy Eating!

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