Tuesday, April 29, 2008

White Chocolate Blondie

With still half a package of cream cheese to spare, I browsed the recipe book on what to bake. I zeroed in on the White Chocolate Blondie for 3 reasons. I have all the ingredients needed for the recipe, from the cream cheese to the maple syrup. Second was, I love white chocolate and lastly, I haven't eaten a Blondie yet. The closest I have been to having one was at Ruby Tuesday, but it was too expensive that I backed out.

Since I don't know how a Blondie should be, taste-wise, texture and all, I over baked it, especially on top. With help of course from my malfunctioning oven. The last five minutes of the Blondie in the oven, the top was still jiggly, but the bottom was already done. Thus, I decided to put it in broiler. Hence, the crusty top.

But I still like, I especially like the crusty top because it's as sweet as caramel.
My sister & I even fought for it.

The Blondie reminded me of a pancake in taste because of the maple syrup and a Japanese cheesecake in texture. But was also buttery, softer and creamier than both. Also lighter, since it has less sugar but richer, because of the cream cheese, butter and white chocolate.

A recipe I would love to make again, but this time with more white chocolate (melted and in chunks) in it.

Happy Eating!

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