Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kublai's Rock

One of the best burgers according again to a food blogging site survey, together with Bizu's Gorgonzola Burger & Sango's Master Burger, just to name a few.

As I vowed to try it all, one at a time, I went to Kublai's Rock in Magallanes to have the Barbarian Burger. I was ready to order the Barbarian but upon browsing the menu, found it too expensive. And since, only the size of the patty and the bacon were the difference between the Barbarian & the barbarian's Wife, I settled for the latter, which was also cheaper.

The Barbarian's Wife P220 is a 1/3 Lb of 100% pure beef burger patty on a sesame bun. I had it with additional melted cheese and mix of onion rings & fries.

The verdict: Well, I was disappointed with the burger. The patty's too mushy. It disintegrated even before I took a bite. It almost looked like just ground beef to me. It also smelled strongly of knorr seasoning. I like more the CDO burger patties sold at the supermarket. Although their burger was bland, the Cream of Carrot Soup they gave me while waiting for my order was good.

The fries and onion rings were just okay.


The ambiance is masculine with all black interiors.

The service was exceptional. They were attentive, actually they exceeded my expectation. They gave me a plate with all the condiments, when they saw me eating the Polly's Chocolate Cake I bought right off the box. What a nice gesture.

Overall, I'm just bummed that I paid that much for something that doesn't taste good. I guessed you'll never know unless you try. Better luck next time =)

Happy Eating!

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