Sunday, April 20, 2008

From Long Life Bakery

I love eating siopao asado, I also like the mongo pao of Chowking that they removed from their menu a few years back, which up to now I still hope they'll bring back.

To digress from that, I saw the Steam Pao P20/6pcs, while looking at the products of Long Life Bakery. And I bought it on the spot, already thinking of the many fillings I can put inside.

It was soft and sweet, just the way it should be.

Since I was craving for an Estrel's Caramel Cake since December of last year, but haven't had the extra calories up until now (estrel's don't sell mini cakes and their cakes should also be consumed the day purchased), I just settled for the Half Moon P28 of Long Life.

It is a round sponge cake, filled with caramel then fold in half, thus resembling a half moon.

The sponge cake was moist, soft and creamy. While, the caramel filling tasted like yema.

A delicious alternative for an Estrel's Caramel Cake, for now that is.

Another product of Long Life, and also new , is their Carrot Cake P49.

It is made of whole wheat flour, carrots and raisins.

Delicious on its own or with condensed milk, and healthy too =p

Happy Eating!

New Long Life Bakery
311 N.S. Amoranto corner Mayon Sts.
Quezon City

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