Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Paseo Experience

While out yesterday, I passed by Paseo Center in Makati, where I saw Pasto Cafe.

I was supposed to eat at their El Pueblo branch a few weeks back, but they're closed from 3pm-6pm. Fortunately, their Paseo branch's open all day.

Since they're known for their desserts (which I was told were made by TRIO), I wanted to try one. But as luck would have it, there's no delivery yet of cakes. They only have Verona (a cake made of graham crust, fresh mangoes and cream) & Panna Cotta (Italian cream custard topped with seasonal fruits).

Not intrigued by both desserts, I settled for a pizza order of half Tutta Carne and half Bianca for P265.

The Pizza Bianca is a pesto-based pizza with clams, mussels and shrimps.

I liked the combination of ingredients, they were also perfectly seasoned. Nutty & cheesy pesto sauce and fresh-tasting seafood.

The first time I had a pesto pizza & I liked it a lot. Just the aroma of the pesto can make one hungry.

The Tutta Carne is an all-meat pizza of Italian sausage, smoked ham & pepperoni.

This one, I wasn't that fond of. The sauce tasted of canned sauce, not of freshly made one. Both the smoked ham & pepperoni were bland-tasting. While the Italian sausage, was reminiscent of a pork sisig in taste.

Both pizza flavors were on a very thin & crispy crust, almost paper-thin.

For dessert, I went downstairs for the Caramel Crunch P60 of Claudette's.

Layers of sponge cake & butter cream with caramel syrup and crushed meringue on top.

It was surprisingly light, not too sweet, just the once in a while interjection of the richness of the butter cream.

An okay dessert, one that I wouldn't mind having again & again.

Not yet satisfied with the Caramel Crunch, I went to Sugarhouse in Glorietta and bought a package of Caramel Crunch P120 (what a coincidence).

Unlike Claudette's, Sugarhouse's Caramel Crunch is a candy, made of sugar and milk, broken into chunks.

The color is very appealing, almost golden. While the taste, it's very sweet, like that of a flower icing. So a little goes a long way.

Happy Eating!

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