Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chocolate Cake by Classic Confections

While at the Greenbelt 5 area, I went inside Classic Confections, without any intentions of buying, just looking if they have any new products.

I have tried and liked all that I have bought from there, from the Almond Crunch to the Chocolate Oblivion.

But, while looking at the cakes on display, guessed who came out of the counter & entertained me, no less than the owner herself, Baba Ibazeta.

She was describing almost all of the cakes and even recommended that I try the Chocolate Oblivion and the Mocha Sans rival.

Since I have already tried the Chocolate Oblivion, I asked her what's better to have between the Lemon Torte and the Chocolate Cake. She said that, personally she prefers the Chocolate Cake. With those magic words I was sold and ordered the Chocolate Cake P100.

It is 2 layers of chocolate cake filled and iced with chocolate fudge and decorated with semi-sweet and white chocolate designs on top.

The box said to store it at room temperature but I kept it in the refrigerator overnight. The result, a hard chocolate cake. I forgot that it's made mostly of fudge. So keeping it in the ref is not advisable, as also said on the box.

So, I left it to warmed-up at room temperature for a few minutes, but that was after sneaking in a couple of bites. And I can say that eating it at room temperature was far more pleasurable.

The cake was soft and moist. The fudge icing was not too sweet nor too rich.

A good chocolate cake, but still not as good as Polly's.

Happy Eating!

Classic Confections

2/F Greenbelt 5, Makati City
and at
4/F 87 West Capitol Drive,
Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Tel Nos. 746-2773 / 490-7896

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