Monday, April 21, 2008


Makati has a lot of restaurants, choosing where to eat can sometimes be a predicament.

That night, I chose Pepato. I have always wanted to try their Green Ravioli P190 (for tasting) and the Il Fiato P185.

The Green Ravioli is made of fresh pasta stuffed with crab meat & crab roe duet on a calamansi cream sauce.

I thought that 5 pieces of it for tasting would be okay, since I can get by with half an order of ravioli from CPK which is just 6 pieces. But when it was served on my table, I was surprised with its size. It was half the size of a normal ravioli, it was also very thin almost fragile looking.

The taste though were another story. It was good, from the combination of the crab meat and crab roe, to the calamansi cream sauce. The calamansi subdued the fishy taste of the crab meat, it also made the sauce light and refreshing.

Since it was written on their menu to allow 20 minutes for their Il Fiato to be served, I ordered it ahead of the pasta. It came just in time, just after my pasta meal.

It was one of the 21 Sinful Desserts of the Manila Standard Anniversary Supplement.
Il Fiato or Chocolate Breath in English, was chocolate souffle with a shot glass of white chocolate sauce and crushed macadamia nut brittle.

The chocolate souffle has the consistency & texture of a chocolate cake batter but with a crusty outer layer, while the white chocolate sauce resembled condensed milk in taste.

While waiting for my meal, I was given complimentary flavored bread sticks (spinach, beets, etc.) & breads, with whipped butter & olive oil.

The way they served the breads was different, it was on a stand, covered with white cloth to maintain its temperature.

The breads were soft & creamy (pandesal) and crusty (spinach). The flavored bread sticks & flat breads were also good.

All in all, the food's good, just a bit expensive for their size. It was also one of the rare occasion where I came out of the resto still feeling light, not stuffed as I normally do.

I guessed I have to train myself with this kind of eating, especially at night.

Happy Eating!

Greenbelt 2,
Makati City

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