Saturday, April 26, 2008

Frostings Cupcakes

I was looking for Segafredo inside Rustan's in Glorietta but found Frostings instead.
According to a staff they're the sister company of Lemon Squares. So if you like their product, you'll most likely to enjoy frostings too.

Frostings sells cupcakes & chocolate coated marshmallows. They have regular, premium, fruity and super premium cupcakes. For premium their best sellers are the Belgian and Swiss chocolate, the blueberry and carrot for fruity and tiramisu for the super premium.

Since I just wanted to try one, I ordered the Belgian Chocolate Cupcake at P50/pc from the premium selection.

The cake and frosting were made of dark Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with nuts.

When I was eating it, I wasn't bowled over by its taste, but when I got to the middle there was a surprise, a lava center.

It was like a fountain, the fireworks kind, not the one with water. That after the fireworks , the party's over. The same thing goes with the Belgian cupcake. After the lava center, the party's over too and back with the plain-tasting cupcake.

If you have P50 to spare, you can try it out for yourself. But based on what I have tasted, it's not on the same league as Sonja's (taste-wise) but they're priced almost the same.

It's more of just a high-end version of Lemon Squares' cupcakes. Though I would love to try their Strawberries & Cream and Trifle next time, just to see if it'll be a different experience.

Happy Eating!

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