Friday, April 4, 2008

Desserts at Conti's

After having an early dinner at Ruby Tuesday, we're ready for desserts.

Since it is now my turn to choose, I opted for the flaming alaska of Five Cows.

Comfortably seated at one of their couches, we were told that it won't be available until the next day. A celebration the day before polished off their stocks.

Disappointed, we transferred at Conti's. We ordered Blueberry Cheesecake P60 & Chocolate Overload P85.

The blueberry cheesecake is creamier than Red Ribbon's, but not made of pure cream cheese. The crust is also sweeter. It is better than Red Ribbon's version, but not the best you can have.

The chocolate overload was one of their best sellers. It has a brownie base with chocolate cream & chocolate chiffon, topped by chocolate-caramel sauce.

The chiffon's a little bit dry, but as a whole the cake's good & not too sweet.

Not satisfied with trying just that, we also bought 3 different cakes to try at home. We ordered NY Cheesecake, Bananalicious Cake & Chocolate Mousse.

The NY Cheesecake is richer than their blueberry, but the latter's crust is tastier.

The Bananalicious Cake is considered as one of their best sellers & also a new product.

It is similar to banoffee pie but with just a slight hint of toffee & of mostly caramel. It is also a type of cake, where a little goes a long way.

Their Chocolate Mousse is better than Red Ribbon's version but behind KFC & Goldilock's versions.

A slice is big & thick, light & not too sweet, but it would be better if there's more chocolate shavings.

Overall, Conti's cakes are good & inexpensive, though not the best.

Happy Eating!

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