Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Green Tea Mochi

Green tea flavoured glutinous rice balls with green tea paste filling of sword bean and green tea powder.

A product of Taiwan.

I was hoping for a macha-flavored mochi that was smooth and creamy but was greeted by a brewed green tea leaves flavour that was strong, too strong. Also, the filling was light and tasteless.

Happy Eating!


Midge said...

Hi; it's the first time I've surfed onto your blog and I rather like it.

Oh, and if it's green tea mochi you're craving for, Co-op and Yamazaki Grocery in Makati's Little Tokyo area sell boxes of the stuff either filled with the usual bean paste or more exotically with chocolate hazelnut paste.

Sweet Dreams said...

Thanks for the info Midge =)I can't wait to visit it sometime soon.

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