Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kozui, a million times

As if all the food I ate from Ongpin and Binondo weren’t enough, I went to Kozui after and ordered my favorite Taro Anmitsu P148.

What can I say just that it gets better every time.

While at the counter I saw 3 flavors of Mochi Truffles P15/pc namely, chocolate, strawberry and orange liqueur for sale. I bought the chocolate mochi to try.

The mochi itself was not as smooth as that of Dezato but still good, although smaller and cheaper. Also, the packaging was good even for just a single piece.

And since I am a green tea addict, I also bought their Powdered Green Tea P160. I wanted to recreate some of the green tea lattes and fraps I tried at home.

It’s written on the packaging that you can use it in making ice cream, mochis, noodles and drinks. But since I don’t think that I can make ice cream nor mochis , I just made lattes and fraps.

Its taste was smooth and creamy, just like that of Kozui and Starbucks.


Happy Eating!

Tomas Morato, Quezon City

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