Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mrs Fields Rocky Mountain

We were waiting for Super 8 to start at Greenbelt 3 Cinema, and have just had dinner at Mr Jones. And to kill time I went around the cinema level looking for what to eat inside.

I went from one stall to another before settling at Mrs Fields.

I am making up for all the lost chocolates from 6 months of not being able to eat them.

I bought 2 each of Rocky Mountain and Peanut Butter Brownies.


From the two I liked the Rocky Mountain more. It all comes down to texture again. I like crunch in my food, thus I like rocky mountain more. There's nuts and a somewhat chocolate bar layer in the brownie.


On my succeeding purchases, I still always buy both. I just want a break in taste. Like, if I had too much chocolate or sweets there's the peanut butter to break the monotony.

Happy Eating!

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