Monday, August 8, 2011

Secret Recipe Mee Goreng

After we watched X-Men at Robinsons Place Ermita Cinema and subsisting on Taters popcorn, KFC funshots and French Baker cookies for 2 hours, it was now time for a real meal.

Since Secret Recipe was the nearest restaurant from the cinema and I miss their Pan Dory, that was where we ate dinner.


My husband wanted the Teow and Strawberry Milkshake, which unfortunately, were both not available, so as almost half of the items in their menu, so he just ordered the Mee Goreng and a soda while I ordered the one dish I was missing, the Pan-Dory Fish with Lobster Sauce.


My husband was disappointed with his Mee Goreng. The serving was small and it tasted kinda off too. While my Pan Dory also looked different, even the lobster sauce. But fortunately, it tasted okay. Not as good as before but still okay. The fries were good dipped on the lobster sauce though.


Happy Eating!

4th Level, Robinsons Place
Ermita, Manila

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