Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ming Yuen

As my husband was waiting for me at Robinsons Place, he saw a standee of a newly-opened Chinese restaurant near the basement parking entrance, which said, how real Chinese food taste like. He was intrigued by the statement, that he wanted us to eat there.


We ordered some of their best sellers. The Okiam Chicken, which the waitress described as yellowish in color with sauce, but were more like small fried chicken pieces with sweet and spicy dip. The Pickled Mixed Noodle with Spareribs were like Nissin Yakisoba. While the Fish Fillet with Green Pepper has a mild, almost bland taste, and the same thing goes with their Yangchou Fried Rice.


Did we like it? Not so much.

Happy Eating!

Robinsons Place Manila


Shiriasu said...

Hey, I found your profile! I really do love Sweets and hope to be a famous pastieere. This is truly a dream come true if I meant someone who loves Sweets as much as I do. Hi, I'm Shiriasu, but just call me Shiri.

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