Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dencio's Sizzling Sulit Meals

Looking for where and what to eat in Robinsons Place Ermita is always a struggle. Since I'm there almost everyday, I've already tried all the restaurants and fast food joints inside the mall, and even those around it.

I was to order the same Bunch of Lunch in Shakeys, when I chanced upon the Sizzling Sulit Meals of Dencio's.


Choices were Krispy Sisig, Krispy Bangus Sisig, Fish and Tofu a la Pobre, Lumpiang Shanghai Meal, Creamy Chicken Pastel, Sizzling Chicken Sisig Meal and Krispy Lechon Paksiw Meal.

I chose Creamy Chicken Pastel.


All meals come with Iced Tea and is available Monday-Sunday, from 3-5PM.


I like it. It is a filling meal for some, but since I'm a meat-eater, a little more chicken wouldn't hurt.  And if you're craving for their Pusit ala Pobre but can't eat it, you'll taste some part of its sauce on the Sizzling Chicken Pastel, but only on the outer area. Maybe they doused some of its sauce around the sizzling plate. Just maybe, I'm only guessing.

Happy Eating!

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