Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cafe Breton

We were supposed to have coffee and desserts at Starbucks after our dinner, but the place was packed. It was 10 minutes before 10PM, and most of the cafes in Trinoma were already closed. Cafe Breton was the only one in the garden area that was still open and that can accommodate all of us.

The rest ordered the usual Deja Vu and Eden Crepes and Mozzarella Burgers. While my niece and I chose from the DIY.

Mine was a sweet crepe with 2 orders of almonds, whipped cream, strawberry ice cream and nutella on the side.

While my niece had the same but with peaches.

I also ordered a hot pot of green tea for drinks.

We were all satisfied with our orders, and were very full from it. As in bursting at the seams full.

Happy Eating!


Kitten said...

Will definitely try this place next time. I've been hearing good reviews about this place.

Sweet Dreams said...

@ kitten - both their sweet and savory crepes are good. But for savory I prefer the buckwheat one than the regular crepe

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