Monday, November 28, 2011

Cafe Ysabel Chocolate Truffle

According to the lady tending the store, it's a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse. Even if I was not impressed with her description I still gave it a try. I like trying truffle cakes.


I had it for dessert after my Cafe France dinner.


Well, I was disappointed when I had it at room temperature. It just looked good and fancy, but it tasted artificial. I even stopped at just one bite. I didn't enjoy it at room temperature that I decided to bring it home. The next day, just out of the chiller, I was able to enjoy the cake more, with the firm chocolate tasting of orange liqueur. I just don't like the sweet and clumpy chocolate sponge cake. But everything else I like.

Happy Eating!

SM Hypermarket,
SM Mall of Asia

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