Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sbarro's Chicken Vesuvio

I watched Breaking Dawn on its first day of showing, and before going to the cinema I first bought snacks to bring inside (more like dinner, I was afraid that buying a few would not suffice).


I bought an order each of Chicken Vesuvio, Baked Ziti and Garlic Roll at Sbarro.

*it was hard to eat the vesuvio inside the cinema, as you will need both hands to eat the chicken


Sbarro's Vesuvio was different in the sense that it was very tangy, that first I thought that it was off (spoilt). Not my favorite. And the breading was like scrambled eggs. No problems with the Ziti and Garlic Roll though.

I also bought 2 slices of Starbucks Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.


They are my favorite among Starbucks Christmas Offerings, I eat a slice or two of them every day, but after eating 2 slices of them every day for 2 weeks, I think I've had enough of them for now. I should try something else starting tomorrow.

And last, I bought a small bag (minor league) of Tater's White Cheddar Popcorn.


They are so good. Salty with strong but not overpowering cheese aftertaste. They are cheesier than the Cheese flavor, but milder in the sense that your tongue would not be overwhelmed by its cheese flavor. I like it better now than my usual Texan BBQ. I've also tried their Curry Flavor, which indeed tasted like curry. But when I am on my "trying to be healthy" day, I buy the Plain Without Salt Popcorn.

Well, I didn't finish all of them inside. The movie wasn't that long. Did I like the movie? Not so much. I think all the good scenes would be on the second part. I did see Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol trailer though and am excited to watch it this coming December.

Happy Eating!

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