Friday, November 25, 2011

Pur Chewing Gum

I regularly chew gum because it relaxes me and also as a decoy for my system (brain and mouth) to stop eating for a while.

I choose sugar-free gums as I want to cut back on sugar wherever I can, because I really cannot not have desserts 5 times a day every day. My usual gum is Orbit White Mint, then I read that aspartame is bad for the health. That it can cause a lot of bad stuff to happen to our body. But it was hard to look for an alternative as even those gums that are not sugar-free and even hard candies have aspartame. I even frequent Healthy Options just in case. But was always unlucky. And then just recently I saw them. Sans aspartame/ Free of aspartame Pur Sugar-Free Gum.


I started first with the Pomegranate, which was sweet but will later on become bland. Then moved to Peppermint which was minty and almost never lose its taste even after hours of chewing. It's my gum of choice for now, until something cheaper without aspartame comes along.

Happy Eating!

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