Friday, November 18, 2011

Pancake House Fish Burger With Malunggay Sauce


I was all grease this week. Deep-fried, oily, full of fats, that was my usual meal nowadays that I definitely need vegetables. I used to make and drink 5 greens juice every morning. It has ampalaya, green apple, celery, cucumber and green bell pepper. But the process of slicing, juicing and cleaning the juicer every day has become tiring that I stopped juicing. I also stopped eating vegetables. So when I saw the standee of Pancake House Junior Masterchef Menu, I postponed dining at Sbarro and ordered the Fish Burger With Malunggay Sauce of Pancake House.

- with caramelized ginger and brown rice pilaf


I found the dish cloying. I can finish an entire grilled fish (the jumbo one) in one sitting, but were able to just eat 2 pieces of the fish burger and a few spoons of the pilaf. I felt like I was eating mayonnaise on my every bite of both the burger and the pilaf while the malunggay sauce was too oily. Whatever health benefits the fish, brown rice and malunggay have were erased with the way they were cooked and presented. I should have just stuck to my original dinner plan of Fish Francese, Baked Ziti and Garlic Roll at Sbarro. Why is it that I am always disappointed with the supposedly healthy meals at Pancake House? I wonder.

Happy Eating!

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[pinkc00kies] said...

even their pancakes, it's so small now compared before :-( bad...

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