Friday, November 4, 2011

Chef's Quarter Fish and Chips and Gooey Fudge

Forever 21 is really my Achilles heel. I can't go in the store and not buy anything. And whenever I do go inside, I usually spend a month's salary.

This week I went there twice. So just imagine how broke I am today. And I am still planning on going back tomorrow as there were still a lot that I wanted to buy.

I love buying coats, jackets, blazers, jeans, boots and accessories. In short, I love everything.
Just yesterday I bought coats in different colors, jeans too. And tomorrow I'll buy the charcoal jacket and the blue shades.

Oh my. I really need to take a grip on my spending. I spend like a rich girl, which I definitely am not.
Anyways, after shopping, I wanted to have dinner at Chelsea in Podium but it was a long walk from Megamall, that I just looked around the Atrium area.

There's Eat n Go, Amici, Gumbo, Mesa, Kebab Factory, HK Choi and Chef's Quarter.
I settled at Chef's Quarter and ordered Fish and Chips.


It was satisfactory and filling. Although I was hoping for the greasy fries and not the potato wedges it came with. I wanted to be bad that day. I wanted grease. But the potatoes were nice.

For dessert I was torn between the Surprise and the Gooey Fudge which was their best seller.


I were told that the Gooey Fudge was like a molten cake while the Surprise is a bruleed white chocolate cheesecake on an Oreo cookie crust. But I wanted molten cake that night, so I chose the Gooey Fudge.


Well, it was more a chocolate sponge cake covered with chocolate ganache than a molten cake. And it's super sweet too like their French Mousse Gateau.  Eating this made me miss Cyma's Molten Cake. Chocolatey good.

Happy Eating!

Atrium Megamall

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