Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kangaroo Jack

After my Qi Wellness Massage, I went to Robinsons Place for dinner and a little shopping.

It was raining hard that afternoon which explains the choice of mall. It was near to where I live than Glorietta or Greenbelt. And I don't want to be stranded somewhere far, if the rain continues.

I was already near Robinsons when I realized that I have already tried all the restaurants in the mall. Meaning there's nothing new to dine in to or so I thought, cos just as I entered the mall and was about to eat at Chef d' Angelo, of my favorite Sampler #2, I passed by Kangaroo Jack.

It's the first time I saw nor heard of them.

Browsing thru their menu, the Fish and Chips caught my eyes. It was cheap, as in just a few peso over a hundred. And when I asked the server about it, she said that an order's big, around 3-4pieces of breaded fish. It seemed too good to be true, but I still wanted to try it.


When it arrived, it did have 3 pieces of breaded fish fillet, but that's just about it. Why, you might ask. Because that 3 pieces of breaded fish fillet were mostly breading and just a paper-thin  layer of fish. While the fries were too oily and soggy. It was indeed a waste of money and calories.


I was sad as the restaurant's menu looked promising and the staff were accommodating and attentive. I just hope that the fish and chips were the only bad item on their menu, and the rest are good. Fingers crossed.

Happy Eating!

Ground Level, Robinsons Place,
Ermita Manila

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