Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sin Yi Long (Xin Yi Long)

Also in 168 Mall is Sin Yi Long. I have bought from them before but didn't like any of what I have bought. So I was hesitant to buy this time, but since my sister bought a lot (I didn't take any pic of), I also bought two to try, Honey Bee and Date Cake.

Honey Bee was a cross between Food For The Gods and a Macaroon (like Seattle's Best Macaroon and not Goldilocks Macaroon). The top was honey-sweet and moist, while the bottom, still moist but not as sweet as the top. It also resembled a honeycomb.

The Date Cake was also okay. Not that sweet, just thick and doughy (in a good way). It was similar to a native puto (not the Goldilocks puto). It has a pull and was like a chewier bibingcrepe/martabak.

This was the first time I liked something from Sin Yi Long. Even those that my sister bought I also liked.

Happy Eating!

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