Monday, June 15, 2009

Goldilocks Mango Angel Torte

A cake made of soft meringue, topped with mango cream, sansrival shell and pastry cream. The entire dessert is covered with cubed mangoes.

It was slightly similar to their Crema de Fruta with the gelatin covered fruit, pastry cream and cake base but wasn't as good. The mangoes on top were overripe and the sansrival shell was wafer-thin. And even if the soft meringue that looked and tasted like angel food cake was moist, light and fluffy, the cake wasn't as good as the no-bake cake recipes found at the back of Nestle All-Purpose Cream containers.

A staff told me that it can be eaten either chilled or frozen, but when I tried eating it frozen, hoping for the Frozen Brazo type of frozen, I got disappointed. It wasn't as good nor pleasurable, that I resigned on just eating it chilled.


Happy Eating!


Anonymous said...

sad naman, i thought it was gonna be good pa naman

Sweet Dreams said...

I thought so too gourmandtales. I was really disappointed.

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