Friday, June 12, 2009

Secret Delight

Each day of the week features a different set meal, starting from P149.50 to as high as P249.50 and is available throughout the day.

Since I came in on a Thursday, I was served Mushroom Soup, Garden Salad, Beef Lasagna, Chocolate Mud Cake and Iced Lemon Tea for P199.50. I saved more than P300. They served the following items the same size as their regular menu.

The Mushroom Soup P90, a best seller, was just okay. Like what Campbell's Mushroom Soup should taste. I still like Pizza Hut's Cream of Mushroom Soup more.

Their Garden Salad P100, comprises of onions, cucumber and tomatoes on top of lettuce leaves on a pool of thousand island dressing.

A serving is minute, with just 3 thin slices of tomatoes and cucumber and 5 onion rings, added the fact that it was swimming in dressing, that's too nauseating for me.

The Beef Lasagna P150 was good, cheesy and beefy. It has a lot of finely ground/minced beef and just a thin layer of lasagna noodles. Those on South Beach Diet would love it, mostly protein and less carbs. The Bun it was served with was big and buttery-soft.

The Iced Lemon Tea P50 was also good and not too sweet.

The Choc Mud Cake P120 has layers of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse enrobed in a thick chocolate ganache.

The chocolate cake was spongy and dry but the chocolate mousse and ganache were chocolatey and thick which I totally love.


Happy Eating!

Robinsons Place Ermita


goodfor2 said...

looks like a great deal indeed

Sweet Dreams said...

I think so too :-)

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