Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For dinner after mass at Baclaran Church, my husband chose to dine at Rai Rai Ken instead of Sakae Sushi. He said it’s more affordable plus he’s already tried it. Guessed he’s not as adventurous as I am when it comes to trying out new food and restos.

We ordered the Kani Salad P130, Kanton Ramen P170, Atsuyaki Tofu P110 (3 pieces) and Ebi Tempura P160 (3 pieces).

The Kani Salad has crab sticks, shredded lettuce and mangoes, topped with dressing and fish roe.

The ingredients blend well together. This is also the favourite of my husband from all our orders.

The Kanton Ramen has assorted seafood (squid and shrimps), mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, nori and pork strips with soy broth.

This is different from the Seafood Hot Pot we had just a week ago. The broth then was the sticky one and it has a fishy taste to it. This one has a clear and refreshing taste.

The Atsuyaki Tofu is also different from the Agedashi Tofu we had which was also good but this one’s spicy, with chili bean sauce and ground pork.

Both appetizers can also be had as main dishes and paired with their Gohan (steamed white rice).

Their Ebi Tempura was also good but looked tiny and frail. A little presentation never hurts.


Happy Eating!

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