Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Chowking Lauriat

I was supposed to eat at Red Ribbon of their Carbonara with Chicken Lollipop and Cake meal when I was sidetracked by a poster of the 2 New Lauriats of Chowking.

One was with Breaded Pork and the other with Breaded Fish Fillet, both at P99.

I chose the fish fillet because of the creamy garlic sauce that it comes with. Unfortunately, they ran out of it (or any other sauce except sweet & sour) so I wasn’t able to know how it should really taste.

A sauce more often than not, make or break a dish.

Chowking’s new lauriat has steamed rice, fried gyoza, breaded fish fillet/breaded pork, pancit canton, chicharon, and monggo/ube sioplets.

The fish in my lauriat was still soft even if it’s breaded but since they gave me a single packet of sweet and sour sauce instead of the creamy garlic, I found the fish fillet lauriat too dry, from the pancit down to the sioplets.

Their phased-out Monggo Pao was way better than their Monggo Sioplets, the monggo taste was very subtle.

I also think that with P99, I should have gotten more.

Happy Eating!

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