Thursday, April 21, 2011

Karate Kid Mochi Halo Halo

I bought a facial package at Slimmer's World, and after availing my first treatment, I felt so hot, that I needed to eat or drink something cold.

I wanted to try KFC's Halo Halo Krushers but happened to pass by Karate Kid first and saw their new product, Mochi Halo Halo.

It looked appealing on the menuboard that I immediately bought one to try.


I was their only customer that it puzzled me how my order of halo halo took a long time to make.

When it arrived on my table, the ice has already melted. So it was more of a milk drink than a shaved ice one. It was also weird that it has mostly fruits (pineapple) than mochi and red monggo.


I didn't like it that much that I just ate the mochi and red monggo and left the rest to waste.

Happy Eating!

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