Thursday, April 21, 2011

Max's Corner Bakery

I was at the mall almost every day for the past months, that I just confined myself to home and to a mini mall near my place for a week. And because of that, my dessert options were also limited to Red Ribbon, Goldilock's and Max's Corner Bakery.

I have tried mostly all of Red Ribbon's and Goldilocks' cakes and pastries that I decided to give Max's a chance this time.

I veered away from the usual Caramel Bars and instead bought assorted rolls. Mango Roll, Ube Roll, Pandan Roll and Quezo Cake Slice.


All their rolls were like roll versions of Red Ribbon's cakes, just sweeter.

Their Ube Roll tasted like Red Ribbon's Ube Cake only sweeter. Their Mango Roll tasted like Red Ribbon's Mango Cake, only sweeter.

Their Quezo Cake Slice was also sweet, moist and tart.

Happy Eating!

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[pinkc00kies] said...

oh i gotta grab those soon!

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