Sunday, July 26, 2009

Calamansi Pie

I regularly watch Giada's Weekend Getaway at the Lifestyle Channel even if they were old episodes. I never grow tired of watching it. On one of their episodes in South Beach, Miami, Giada ate at Joe's Stone Crab. She had their bestsellers, the Stone Crab Claws and Key Lime Pie.

She was satisfied with both. And as she ate, she was describing the pie as made with condensed milk, egg yolks and lime. That sounded easy and yummy that I googled the recipe.

I was out of dessert last Wednesday that I tried making one.

It does was easy to make with just a few ingredients. Unfortunately though I wasn't able to buy limes that I used calamansi instead. Also, I cut in half the supposedly amount of lime juice in the recipe. And instead of lime zest I used lemon zest.

I never thought that it would taste good but it did. Right contrast of sweet and sour and creamy and crunch.

This would definitely not be the last time that I'll be making it.

Happy Eating!


Palito said...

Wow...I love sweets...Your entries are interesting.

I frequent this site para sa mga ideas of what to bake or cook -

Enjoy. Will visit your site again. =)

Sweet Dreams said...

Thanks Palito :-)
I also visit dessertcomesfirst regularly.

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