Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tinapayan's Brazo de Mercedes

Layers of pound cake, caramel/yema and cashews topped with meringue and drizzled with sugar caramel.

It is their (Tinapayan) version of Brazo de Mercedes with pound cake.
Although it was good, I still prefer Goldilocks Brazo and Bagoong Club's Brazo de Remedios. A better version of the Brazo would be with their (Tinapayan) custard (the one they use in their cream puffs and eclairs), instead of the yema/caramel they used in here, 'coz that would truly be divine.


Happy Eating!


Cza said...

Wow.. I just drooled over this. Haha! Kidding... Craving for something sweet right now. :)

Sweet Dreams said...

Hello Cza, I crave sweets all the time :-)

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